Really this photo is just about another spectacular sky over Cape Cod.  Some days the light show is just amazing but make sure you are set up with your beach chair and bottle of wine early because this performance does not  last long.

Fleeting color

Captured the precision of the bunt at the Whitecaps/Mariners game last night.  I am the official Whitecaps photographer so I get to enjoy all the games.  If you ever get the chance, no summer vacation is complete without checking out a cape league game.   Quite a few of the […]

The Bunt

Even though it isnt full, I had to shoot the moon tonight.  It was pretty spectacular.  I am still amazed at the detail you can get with a decent lens.  I must say, every time I take a moon photo, my imagination just runs away.


This is Highland Lighthouse in Truro Ma on Cape Cod during a particularly stunning sunset.  If you look closely, you can see the moon made an appearance too!

Fire in the Sky

Another photo from above Quivett Creek, This time I wanted to accentuate the wild path it takes through the marsh.

WWW – Winding Water Way

I am finally pointing my drone at some man made objects.  I must say flying an Inspire 1 on Cape Cod during the summer months sure attracts a lot of attention.  I try my best to take off from secluded areas and fly to the location I want to photograph. […]

Sunset over Wellfleet

I took this photo back in 2011 but this is the first time I am posting it.  I absolutely love this barn and the amount of texture on this decrepit old structure.  The sky was awesome with big puffy clouds.  I always was disappointed that I wasn’t able to shoot it […]

Montana Barn

I have really been loving the aerial photography lately.  I have come to realize that Cape Cod was made for this stuff, with its nearly flat topography and intricate water ways it is an aerial photographers dream.  Next time out I think I need to try and shoot something, lets […]

Quivett Creek

I am still astonished by the perspectives I can shoot with this aerial camera.  I am now inspired to return to locations that I have shot a 1000 times before (terrestrially).  Here is a view of Paines Creek meandering its way down to the ocean as a brutal storm approaches on the […]

Incoming Storm at Paines Creek

We had a great bounty at the beach today.   Looks like we are going to be having some of Sarah’s amazing chowder.  I have no idea what you would pay for these 15 monsters at the fish market but I am sure it is not cheap.  Any way I […]

Sea to table

Black Fish Creek
After a commercial shoot this week I was lucky enough to have some batteries left over in the old Inspire 1 and a little time before sunset.  For years I have been wanting to shoot at Black Fish Creek but it never really worked out.  A lot of time the […]

Black Fish Creek

This year I decided to take some shots of the boys enjoying the festivities down on the beach instead of going with the traditional sky full of explosions.  A flash, some sync know how and a glow stick go a long way to create some memorable photos that capture more of […]

Fun with Flash at the Fireworks

Another photograph that I can’t believe I haven’t published on this blog.  I made this back in November of 2008 at about 6:30.  I have always loved how the light emanating from the skating rink (not in the picture but just below) is cutting through the dark night fog.  That […]

Old Glory at Thirty Rock

Got to say it was a long week and I was pretty much gassed but, I needed some new content.  So I took my boys out for a quick double exposure shoot.  They had a blast and this technique really captures these two love for nature.  They love nature and […]

In-camera double exposures

Yep, this is how we end the day out here on the lower Cape. I really don’t have a lot to say about this photograph.  Normally I would not shot directly into the sun and place it dead center of my photo but this time the symmetry reenforces the peaceful […]

Stock Sunset for Cape Cod

Nothing like a perfect sunset on Cape Cod to get your creative juices flowing.  This one happened during low tide over Orleans.  The harbor is the world famous Rock Harbor.  There really is no question to as why we live here.  

Rock Harbor

First off I can’t believe I have never shared this photo on this blog.  This is an amazing piece of property up in Vermont.  It has an incredible view and the land itself has just beautiful rolling form.  Unfortunately I made this photograph while driving around purposely lost back in 2011 […]

Magical setting

I can’t believe I never posted this photograph.  I took it back in 2008 on a trip back to New York.  At the time, I had not been back to NYC in about 15 years.  I born in north New Jersey and lived there until I was 20.  During that time, […]

Empire state of mind

These are a sampling from a collection I recently shot for a client.  I tend to do a lot of architectural photography out here on Cape Cod.  With the Airbnb boom, your customers know the value of high quality images. They want their property to stand out when their potential renters […]

Architectural Photography