scallop bath
You may or may not have noticed but, last week,  I did not have any blog posts.  The reason was that last week I was busting my but to redesign, rebuild, and completely overhaul the inbetweenstops blog!  Take a look around.  the layout has a fresh responsive design that makes […]

Complete Blog Overhaul!

Another Shiitake from our garden.  I ended up grilling this guy and boy was it a treat.  I am going to have to start mixing up my photographs of the mushrooms but for now I am absolutely astonished by the gills.  Maybe it is my visual effects background, but I […]

Mushroom Monday

NH farm stand
I can’t wait to visit the farm stands this fall.  I had a lot of commuting through upper New England this past Autumn and seemed to always pass this one on my trips.  Nothing like a cool Autumn day with blue skies, white clouds and a punch of foliage and […]

NH Farm Stand

  Yeah, well I guess it was pretty frickin’ spectacular.  Awesome View up in Wilmington VT.  There was a house nearby where I made this photo.  I have to think to myself, that if I lived there I would never miss a sunrise.  Honestly, I don’t think the photo even […]

Just Another Sunrise

Another one of the photos I made while driving around Vermont before sunrise.  By the way, probably one of my favorite things to do.  This time I have no idea where I was and I have no cell phone photos with a geo-tag.  Maybe that makes it a little more […]

Morning Mist

  I think I am going to have to just dedicate a day to mushroom pictures.  Every time I harvest a bunch I have to photograph them all.  Each is so unique and beautiful, even when shooting in identical light, they show their own personalities. Bonus for being delicious! Lately, the […]

Mushroom Monday

One of the few fences that barely survived our epic winter out here on the Cape.

Dune Fence

I am very excited that my mushroom garden is off to a strong start this year!  This was once of 5 big guys that make it in to a stroganoff this weekend.  They were so meaty and delicious my wife (the chef) thinks we can skip the beef next time! […]

First Shiitake of Spring

Sometimes everything just falls into place.  I guess that is the dream of landscape photography.  The dream that a photographer has refined his/her skills so that when the perfect light falls across the perfect location said photographer will be able to make magic that seems effortless to the viewer. 42°56’10” […]

Vermont Gold

winter sky
Not much to say about this one, just wanted to share a photo today.  It was an exceptionally busy week but next week I will make sure I get a lot more posts up here.  

Boat on the Dune

Yeah, I know, spring has just sprung and we still have to endure the summer months but I am ready for autumn to hurry up and get here.  This bridge is in Williamsville Vermont, actually I believe it is called the Williamsville Bridge.  Funny thing is, I forgot where I […]

Ready for fall

Brewster Meeting House
  The always beautiful and newly renovated Brewster Meeting house.  I love the character of New England towns with their white clapboard churches, general stores, antique shops and great hole in the wall dining.

Brewster Meeting House

Three pumpkins
  I came across these guys on my travels in northern New England this fall.  For obvious reasons I was drawn to the geometric layout and color contrast of this scene.  I probably should have posted this photo back at Halloween but , honestly, I forgot about it.  

This is not a selective color photo

Stacked Wood
  This is a photo of the wood stack at the Applewood Manor in Castleton Vermont.  You can imagine how warm and cozy this bed and breakfast is by the size of its impressive wood pile.  We stayed there for two nights in mid October while I was in town […]

Stacked Wood

I make this image up at the beautiful Inn at Valley Farms in  Walpole  New Hampshire.  We were there to photograph a wedding but the grounds were so amazing I had to wake at the break of dawn the next morning to take some personal photos.  If you get the […]

Light and Shadows

Autumn World
Since it is Friday, I thought I would break this weeks black and white trend with something fun and colorful!  Love the fall colors in our little slice of the universe!  

Autumn World

  An epic sunrise in Wilmington Vermont on Labor Day weekend.  The sun was to my back for this photo which resulted in beautiful lighting on these clouds.  I guarantee this photo is headed to one of my walls. The black and white conversion was developed with one of my custom presets […]

Wilmington Vermont

    This river runs along the Somerset Road heading out to the Somerset Reservoir in southern Vermont.  I am pretty sure it is not a class 4 road but it is unpaved and most likely not maintained in the off season.  This photo was make from a new metal […]

East Branch Deerfield River

  I am starting to put together a collection of presets for Lightroom.  This is one I created called Hunting Lodge.  I have found it works really well on a variety of image types.  This  week I will feature this preset on the blog to demonstrate its diversity.  let me […]

preset developement