Architectural Photography

These are a sampling from a collection I recently shot for a client.  I tend to do a lot of architectural photography out here on Cape Cod.  With the Airbnb boom, your customers know the value of high quality images. They want their property to stand out when their potential renters are perusing the endless feed of vacation rentals on the popular site.  Of course there is  a lot of competition in this area to become the go to photographer for this work.  My philosophy has been quality will trump quantity every day of the week.  As you can see I don’t shoot typical muddy HDR’s that are so popular in this sector of the industry.  Technically my photos do have a higher dynamic range then a single raw file but it is not by combining bracketed exposures in a HDR software package.  How do I get the extended dynamic range you ask?  The old fashion way… I light it!  Yes I meticulously light every interior and exterior then combine the images in photoshop.  Usually I shoot 60-80 photos of each room/exterior and use the majority of them in the final composite.  Every detail is lit.  The shoot day is typically 7 hours for 3 bedroom houses then about 22 hours of post production to complete the process.  If you click on the images to enlarge them, you will see the intricate lighting that is designed to blend into the ambient light and then be subtlety accentuate with the built in lighting fixtures.  The long and the short of it is, you need to bring your interior lighting up to the light levels of the scenery visible through the  windows.  If there is interest, I could always do a future post on my technique (make sure you comment about it on the facebook post).

To accomplish this look you do need a little bit of specialized gear: A sturdy tripod, speed lights (at least 1 but I recommend as many as you can afford), wide angle lens (tilt shift lens if your budget allows) pocket wizards or radio poppers and a Camranger (or some type of wireless trigger).

Again, this is a complicated process but if you want to stand out from the crowd and book more clients then this technique will help you .

Here is a link to a video of me lighting an exterior I shot this winter.

Lighting the exterior twilight photograph